Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cleaning The Mess


     Morning!! I've just finish my cleaning my mom's back kitchen or should I say open kitchen...huhuhuu How about you guys out there? What did you do at this time? I'm sure you doing your jobs greatly. :)

     Cleainng is important and need to do everyday. Its to avoid clutter in our house. Have you ever watch the "Clean House" series? Each house they visit were very very...erghhh! I don't know what to say.. like a shipwreck. up side down. As if there's been a typhoon in there house. How can that be a home?

     I don't wanna be like that yet I didn't enjoy cleaning actually. Cause my nose is very sensitive to the dust. In the middle of cleaning, I'll be sneezing all the time. With the running nose, its soo uncomfortable. Grrrr... In the end, there no choice but to keep cleaning..

     Okay, I've work to continue.. Till then everyone...Bye..(^_^)


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