Monday, October 5, 2015

Fight With Patience


     A lots of things I wanna write about but lots of work waiting for me...huhuhu Lately, my patience been test..well, that's what I feel about. At certain point, I feel like I just wanna sit down and crying the whole day long until I feel satisfied. Because I've been holding on until now. Never thought I could yet I still can bared it.

     The fight just started because of a small things (to me) but it turn out to be bigger until we don't greet each other. Yes, I admit that my way is wrong, actually I have a good intention towards it. I just wanna give some advice to 'A' so this person would change the attitude for a better one. Yeah, accidentally my way of advice it a bit retort I guess...huhuhuhu

     I already apologize cause I admit my wrong and so on. But still 'A' just keep silence and doesn't reply to me. I have face things like this before and I know how it will ended. Still, I'm trying to avoid that consequences from happen. Of course I have no power to do so. So I just leave it to Allah cause He know what is better for us.

     Human are complex not easy to change in just a blink of an eye. So do behaviour, it need step by step to change it into a better person. Listening tazkirah from Ustaz Pahrol regarding to the topic "Changing Yourself From The Inside" really give me some light of understanding in human and how do we cater them. He's really good in giving advice that can touch your heart by just listening to it.

     I'll be just patience from now onwards. Using my time maximumly with all the works that I have to be done especially for my business. So that I wouldn't not wasting my time with unproductive activities. Pray for me everyone. I hope we all being bless by Allah in what ever we do and Allah keeping us in the straight path.

     That for today. Thanks for reading my expression. See you again. Adiozzz...(^_^)

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