Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unforgettable Feelings


      A bright day with clear sunshine. Nice air with the clean breeze. I should starting my day with a great spirit and enthusiastic. Yet it start with uncontrollable tears dropping one by one while holding my phone. The unforgettable feelings come storming in my heart. Flashback of all the memories about him running quickly in my head as if the movie being rewind at full speed.

    People can be so arrogant when they want to forget about something. It turn out the other party become annoying for them if they try to persuade them. Annoying people just like me. Why do such feelings is hard to forget? I wish it could be erase with just a snap of fingers. Just like how he can forget all about us in just a short time as if there nothing have ever happen between us.

     Friends again? I don't know what you guys thinking about it. But to me, once we have been in love together we can't be friends any more if the relationship ends. Because the feelings are different. Its either you become lover again or just turn into strangers. Because the feelings are still there no matter how hard you try to denied the fact that the two of us has been together before.

     I wish I could move to somewhere in this world. I want to go oversea. Am I able to? As long as I didn't receive any news about him. I just can't hate him like I always do to all my ex. It just won't work any more as the more I hate him the more I love him. I want to move on in my life, on the earth. Lets just remind myself that life is short. I could die in any time if Allah wants too.

     I should just focus to collect as many 'pahala' as I could to be fill in my book. I want to have a book with lots of good deeds and want to make it a lot heavier to the right when its be pondered. With all the sins that I endure, I want to repent as much as I can as long as I still breathing.

The person who want to forget,


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  1. i think i've been there. i know how it feels..we may not forget some things, how could we forget right? unless we have amnesia. so the only way is letting go. just let it go. i hope things will turn out fine soon :)