Tuesday, April 8, 2014

the 300th post


       How are you guys today? Feeling well? I just recovered from severe headache yesterday..been wondering why suddenly got headache..After I check my blood pressure....OMG...what???!!!! I got low blood pressure?!!....I am too young to have low blood pressure...Ohh, bloody circulation, please flow smoothly in my body and don't give me such pain headache any more....huhuhu

       Well, happy 300th post for this blog....(^_^)  I just realize it yesterday that my post have reach 299 posts. So this is the 300th one...How about your blog? How many have it reach until today? I hope you would stay loyal to your blog. There's a time will come when one day you flash back about your life journey, at that time you might wanna review back all your old post. Those post can be some piece of your memories in the future.

      I just don't know how to celebrate it but I feel happy that I've reach until here. I gonna keep posting in this blog but lots of things should be considered before we posting something here. There's a wise quote saying thatWhen you say something or write something, make sure it is something you don’t mind seeing in your record of deeds on the Day of Judgement ". So lets keep these quote in mind before we post something ok?   (^_^)

Until then my dear blog readers....keep healthy okay?



  1. congratulation for ur 300th entries.. hehe.. keep blogging ya!

  2. congrats. sha belum sampai 300 post lagi walaupun dah hampir 2 tahun berblog >.< sebab blog penuh dgn GA. btw,nice quote. hee