Friday, April 11, 2014

I Write With The Language That I Didn't Speak


       Morning everyone...How are you feeling today?....It's already friday and I hope you have a blessed friday today...Have you ever notice that I write most of my post in English?....I bet you might think I'm really good in English...Muahahaha

      The truth is I not that good in speaking as my writing. An english teacher can easily spotted many of grammar mistakes here. Well, that not what I want to highlight here. The things is I don't even speak English  in my daily life...  I only speak mother tongue and father tongue...(ehh, sound funny)...hahahaha  My tongue will twisted when I'm trying to speak in English. So why do I bother to keep my writing in english?

      Since I'm very bad in english speaking, I think by writing and reading I can keep learning english and enhance my vocabulary. In my daily life, I don't have someone that I need to speaking with. It always have been using Malay or native language. Even I'm a Malay, my father tongue and mother tongue are different. Standard Malay and Sarawak Malay quite vary.

      Moreover, I want to improve myself that even I'm living just in a small town far away from the big city, I can used English just like the city people or even better than them. Here I don't have a chance to go to an international standard tuition class to learning English. Just by reading book, watching television on TV2 channel and listening to english songs, I learn English. Not to forget thanks to the teachers in schools who have teach me so well....(^_^)

     I really like to learn more about other language. So far two language have been mastered, the standard Malay and Sarawak Malay and also English (except for the speaking...hahaha)  If only my friend would teach me Bugis language....hehehe  Sometimes, I learn Iban language by reading newspapers. Most of all it make me tickles because the word sounds funny...hihihi

#hope somebody could teach me to speak properly...hahaha

Till then,


  1. Its a good starter to improve your english from here. My form 5 english teacher told me that. ^^ Good luck

  2. we are same, i also learn to speak in English,.heheheh

  3. during my first primary years, i love english subject a lot cause my teacher was a supportive. More over, during that time pop songs especially from the westlife were a phenomenon. I learned english through songs mostly. During those years, the songs were more ease to years and the lyrics were more appropriate, unlike these days..huhu..cursing and rude words were the major part of the songs. Try westlife, backstreetboys or the oldies like Boney M or Abba :) i learned words and how to pronounce properly from singing english songs. anyway, goodluck ^^..