Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hoping for Nothing


        First of all, thank to him cause willing to reply my text after I waited for 4 months without any news. I would like to wish to Allan Abraham Bin Mirad for his 25th birthday today....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you always stay healthy and be granted with what ever you wish for. Be a great man in the future. Thanks a lot for giving me so much love when we are together. It was an honour to have you by my side for those past years. Such a spectacular and meaningful memories we have created in both of our life. Thank you my dear Allan~~

~ The End ~

  So that how it was. A love like a fairytale so hard to be forgotten. A tale that I wish to express but unable to speak. Still life must go on what ever pain that I have to endure. Even though I cannot fly in the clear sky with my broken wings, I still have both legs to walk and crawl on the rough earth. You who have face what I do face now should be understand how does it feels like. Right?



  1. be strong and try badly to move on. hm. happy birthday to Allan. may be blessed.

    1. thanks nurulee.....i'll try my best to be strong...

  2. Replies
    1. yalah tek tashira.,...saba jak la...;p