Friday, April 4, 2014

Barakah Friday To Evaluate Ourself


         Daily works in work places or even in our own house have made us all busy and exhausted. In order to gain income or tidy up our house, we still need to do those work. Right? Busy works sometimes makes us incautious about our responsibility towards our Creator. We should aware that 'From Allah we came and to Allah we will return'.

          Have you ever thinking about your supply that you will be bring toward the end of the world? Come to think about it, make me shiver the whole body. Why? Because even until today, I still feel that I have not make enough supply for me to face the end of the world or even to present it to my Lord. What my books will look like? Will it be heavier to the right or to the left?

          Listening to the song 'BILA TIBA' sung by my favourite artist (..hehehe..) UNGU band have make me open up my mind and remind me that my time might getting nearer. Most of our beloved ones have taken their turn to leave us behind and return to our Creator. Our turn might be next. How much have we prepare in or supply??


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