Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unforgettable Feelings


      A bright day with clear sunshine. Nice air with the clean breeze. I should starting my day with a great spirit and enthusiastic. Yet it start with uncontrollable tears dropping one by one while holding my phone. The unforgettable feelings come storming in my heart. Flashback of all the memories about him running quickly in my head as if the movie being rewind at full speed.

    People can be so arrogant when they want to forget about something. It turn out the other party become annoying for them if they try to persuade them. Annoying people just like me. Why do such feelings is hard to forget? I wish it could be erase with just a snap of fingers. Just like how he can forget all about us in just a short time as if there nothing have ever happen between us.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

It's Not My Intention At First


        How are you doing? Its such a cold night today as the whole day was raining. As cold as what I feel today...Have you ever done something that you are not intentionally wanna do? Well, we will be awry when that happen. Same as me too. Really, I'm not intend to do that to others.

     Maybe its my wrong after all. I'm shouldn't treat people like that. What I have to is to treat  people like how I want to be treated. Always stay clear in what ever I say so that people wouldn't miss understood. My communication skill sure are baddest after all. Anyone, please teach me...onegai!

By awry,

Friday, April 18, 2014

Lonely Empty


        Hi there! How do feel today? Is any of you feels lonely at these moment? If you do, I know exactly how you feel right now.

        When I seat back taking my time spacing out around the corner, how empty I feel. My phone doesn't ringing since early morning. Where everyone go? Suddenly I realize that its me who always texting others this while time. No wonder when I didn't touch my phone, no one bother to text me back. Oh my...

       Now I feel very lonely..It feel so empty inside...I should fill this emptiness with something....what kind of something?


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stringy Blog


       Hello dears!  Do you feel like this blog in chaos? Yeah, I'm trying to change the template into a better one. I feel like I wanna try the notebook style yet in the end everything turn up side down. What a hectic...Urghhh!

        In the end I just took the available one. What can say I say? Its a work of unprofessional hands....muahahaha Still, I'll try my best to use what ever creativity that I seems to have a little bit...I guess ~ ~

Till then bloggers..(^_^)


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Long Waits


         Hai hello everyone!! How is your day today? I hope it would be really nice and fun. Because I feel happy today for my long wait has ended. Its like a surprise for me which I never thought it would come. Its not something big has happen or a mountain of gold fall in front of my house. Just some very small thing I hope for has been granted.

          I bet I'm still in shock right now. My lips are speechless and I don't know how to react. I try to be cool of course...hahaha    My heart feels like it going to burst out of joy. Am I being over in expressing it? Opsss....better don't cause we don't know what might happen after this. I'm very glad today and I wish I could share it with all of you...Till then peeps!!


Friday, April 11, 2014

I Write With The Language That I Didn't Speak


       Morning everyone...How are you feeling today?....It's already friday and I hope you have a blessed friday today...Have you ever notice that I write most of my post in English?....I bet you might think I'm really good in English...Muahahaha

      The truth is I not that good in speaking as my writing. An english teacher can easily spotted many of grammar mistakes here. Well, that not what I want to highlight here. The things is I don't even speak English  in my daily life...  I only speak mother tongue and father tongue...(ehh, sound funny)...hahahaha  My tongue will twisted when I'm trying to speak in English. So why do I bother to keep my writing in english?

      Since I'm very bad in english speaking, I think by writing and reading I can keep learning english and enhance my vocabulary. In my daily life, I don't have someone that I need to speaking with. It always have been using Malay or native language. Even I'm a Malay, my father tongue and mother tongue are different. Standard Malay and Sarawak Malay quite vary.

      Moreover, I want to improve myself that even I'm living just in a small town far away from the big city, I can used English just like the city people or even better than them. Here I don't have a chance to go to an international standard tuition class to learning English. Just by reading book, watching television on TV2 channel and listening to english songs, I learn English. Not to forget thanks to the teachers in schools who have teach me so well....(^_^)

     I really like to learn more about other language. So far two language have been mastered, the standard Malay and Sarawak Malay and also English (except for the speaking...hahaha)  If only my friend would teach me Bugis language....hehehe  Sometimes, I learn Iban language by reading newspapers. Most of all it make me tickles because the word sounds funny...hihihi

#hope somebody could teach me to speak properly...hahaha

Till then,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Slightly Scratched Heart


         Do you you feel comfort with uncivilized conversation?  Receiving answer that sound very less manners to me. Well, it might be just for fun but when it come on the wrong time and atmosphere it seems so unmannered. Some times it can accidentally hurt our heart. Have you ever feel it?

         However, its sometimes inevitable for us cause words that come out from mouth cannot be swallowed back. So just be patience when dealing with these kind of people. Don't take it to the heart. If our heart slightly scratched, just be silence. It will heal sooner or later. I might just pretend to laugh. I hope so...hahaha

Till then everyone...

Scratched Feelings,

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

AKMU Makes Me Vivacious

Yo! yo! Yo!
Kina in da house...(^_^)

     Hahaha....I'm just happy being splash by this vibe...;P   It because I listening to these song by AKMU with the title "200%". For sharing, I just change my blog song to this song. So you guys, lets enjoy this song. It help me forget my sadness for awhile. I'm not in love but these song just happen to make me happy...hahahaha 



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

the 300th post


       How are you guys today? Feeling well? I just recovered from severe headache yesterday..been wondering why suddenly got headache..After I check my blood pressure....OMG...what???!!!! I got low blood pressure?!!....I am too young to have low blood pressure...Ohh, bloody circulation, please flow smoothly in my body and don't give me such pain headache any more....huhuhu

       Well, happy 300th post for this blog....(^_^)  I just realize it yesterday that my post have reach 299 posts. So this is the 300th one...How about your blog? How many have it reach until today? I hope you would stay loyal to your blog. There's a time will come when one day you flash back about your life journey, at that time you might wanna review back all your old post. Those post can be some piece of your memories in the future.

      I just don't know how to celebrate it but I feel happy that I've reach until here. I gonna keep posting in this blog but lots of things should be considered before we posting something here. There's a wise quote saying thatWhen you say something or write something, make sure it is something you don’t mind seeing in your record of deeds on the Day of Judgement ". So lets keep these quote in mind before we post something ok?   (^_^)

Until then my dear blog readers....keep healthy okay?


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hoping for Nothing


        First of all, thank to him cause willing to reply my text after I waited for 4 months without any news. I would like to wish to Allan Abraham Bin Mirad for his 25th birthday today....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you always stay healthy and be granted with what ever you wish for. Be a great man in the future. Thanks a lot for giving me so much love when we are together. It was an honour to have you by my side for those past years. Such a spectacular and meaningful memories we have created in both of our life. Thank you my dear Allan~~

~ The End ~

  So that how it was. A love like a fairytale so hard to be forgotten. A tale that I wish to express but unable to speak. Still life must go on what ever pain that I have to endure. Even though I cannot fly in the clear sky with my broken wings, I still have both legs to walk and crawl on the rough earth. You who have face what I do face now should be understand how does it feels like. Right?


Friday, April 4, 2014

What a Muslim Women Should Do


      Hello there!! Are you a girl? A lady? A woman? A mother? An aunty? A grandmother? What ever you are as long as you are females and you are Muslim, lets take a look on this. We as muslimah should aware about this either we have married or soon-to-be or not yet to be, we  should apply this in our daily life. Lets take a look shall we???      (^_^)

          I found this when I'm tweetering during my leisure time after taken my lunch. It is a splendid reminder for me. I hope this also could help you to. Happy reading beautiful ladies.....(^_^)

Your friend,

Barakah Friday To Evaluate Ourself


         Daily works in work places or even in our own house have made us all busy and exhausted. In order to gain income or tidy up our house, we still need to do those work. Right? Busy works sometimes makes us incautious about our responsibility towards our Creator. We should aware that 'From Allah we came and to Allah we will return'.

          Have you ever thinking about your supply that you will be bring toward the end of the world? Come to think about it, make me shiver the whole body. Why? Because even until today, I still feel that I have not make enough supply for me to face the end of the world or even to present it to my Lord. What my books will look like? Will it be heavier to the right or to the left?

          Listening to the song 'BILA TIBA' sung by my favourite artist (..hehehe..) UNGU band have make me open up my mind and remind me that my time might getting nearer. Most of our beloved ones have taken their turn to leave us behind and return to our Creator. Our turn might be next. How much have we prepare in or supply??


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Looking Inside

There is a life-force
within your soul,
seek that life.

There is a gem 
in the mountain of your body,
seek that mine.

O Traveler,
if you are in search of that,
don't look outside,
look inside yourself
and seek that.