Sunday, March 30, 2014

Days Without Internet


          First of all, I would like to send my condolence to the families and friends of the victims of MH370. I pray for their soul to rest in peace. Hope the families and friends of the victims never give up in praying for them. From Allah we came, and to Allah we return. Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihirajiu'n.

          Well, few days of non peace day have past. Thank goodness! Why do I said so? It's because these few days the internet line just cut off because of the fire. The wire were burn so there's no internet signal in my neighbourhood. After calling the TM centre, it took them more than three days to do their jobs. Now I feel relief that the internet are back again. Yipppy!!

         Come to think about it again, I was like a child who's looking for her milk. Urghh! It's so so so.....hurmm, unexplainable at that moments. It hinder me from chatting with my friends and getting update with the netizens. My my what's have 'these internet' turn me in to??? Its like the world is incomplete without it. Its limiting my works. Later I realize that I've been infected by internet. Hmmmmmm~~

        With some of the time without internet, I engage myself to meditation with The Almighty. In hope to regain some peacefulness and calmness in my heart and my days to move on with the temporary situations. In the same time, I have a lot of thing to be share here. Its like my minds flooded with tons of ideas of topics to be shared here. Yet, last night when I finally able to online and things come back to normal, my mind seems to be freeze with ideas. Fingers doesn't know what to type about. So strange~

        As things back to normal, lets me just end up here. I would like to talk about other topics later. So thanks again for visiting my blog. I really appreciate if you would like to drop down some comments of my posts. Till next time peeps. Adiozzsssssss!!



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  1. i'm learning to live without internet. hehe. i think everyone should too..dont let internet define our happiness ;)