Sunday, March 30, 2014

A fragment of Me


  A fragment of me have flew by from me. Without I realize, I've showed a fragment of my true colour to that 'ajusssi' which a just come to know recently. The actually me who is hard to be friendly with strangers, trying so hard to be friendly as I could to surpass my arrogant. Suddenly today I just slipped a little that cost me to reveal my dark side character.

         Ajusssi just acting cool as an adult should be and giving me a wise advice. "Rule No.1: Never said to any of your friends 'You don't understand' as if you insulting them"said ajusssi. Taken back by those word, I just sit down speechless and mind was like struck out with most of my memories of the past. Am I like that all this 24 years back then?

          So I confide to my dear 'twin' about it and how I feel. Thus, for a second round again I was struck out by her words. She said "If your matured enough that things are just nothing...bla bla bla....and so bla..bla..bla...That ajusssi might runaway from you". As always she keep talking like a nanny. What?? Ajusssi might runaway??!!!!!!!  OMG! please say no..!!  

             Hmmpphhhhhhh~~~ Will he? Maybe he will as I already being rude just now. But the truth is it is not ajusssi who runaway. Its actually ME! I'm the one who running a way from ajusssi. Because I feel so ashamed with my attitude and my rude words plus my childish acts. I should punish myself for this...Grrrrr! Still in the end, I'm true if I say I'm like a spoiled child in a woman's body.

         In a nutshell, a past is past and it already happen. Life must go on what ever I have gone through and will face up in the future. Till then its the best that I just keep silence. If I start talking I might bring another fragment of me flying out in the air. Hope the butterfly fragment won't show up again. I wonder what ajusssi might think of me??


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