Sunday, March 30, 2014

A colour test result


         Feeling some of the times with a colour quizzes to sweep away the boring are the result. I bet 80% of the answers are definitely TRUE!!! That what I felt. huhuhu....

Color Test - Results

Your Existing Situation

"Is sensitive and easily influenced by other's thoughts and emotions. Looking for friendly, easy-going relationships and jobs that help develop them."

Your Stress Sources

"Sensitive, gentle, and emotional; having a strong need to find some sort of magical harmony and beauty. Artistic in nature, she longs to find a partner who finds these things important as well; however, having trouble finding such a perfect person. Keeps a close eye on her emotional and how much of herself is given to others. she must always know where she stands with others and longs to be regarded with respect. her taste are geared to the artistically beautiful and refined, but she can be harsh and critical of works of art and creativity. Yearns to make friends with those who can help build her intelligence and artistic ability."

Your Restrained Characteristics

"Current situation makes her feel unable to prove himself, but tries to make the best of things."
He is being forced to be happiness and pleasure on hold for new due to her limiting circumstances.
Conceited and is easily insulted. Holds back emotionally but is able to find satisfaction through sexual activity.
He is being forced to be happiness and pleasure on hold for new due to her limiting circumstances.

Your Desired Objective

"Looking for a loving relationship, which brings happiness and contentment. Brings emotional excitement to the relationship. Helpful and willing to give as much as she takes, and requires the same sort of giving relationship from others. "

Your Actual Problem

"Tends to be too trusting, so she must protect herself from this or she runs the risk of being misunderstood or used by others. Searching for a relationship which provides a safe and understanding environment, one where she knows exactly where she stands with her partner at all times."

Your Actual Problem #2

"Wants to be valued and respected, seeks a close and peaceful relationship with a shared respect of each other."

Well, this is just for fun while waiting for pictures to be uploaded....till then peeps....see u next time...Bubye!!


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