Monday, September 9, 2013

Be patience as life getting hard


It's been a while since my last post I guess. Well, there's a lot of reasons and influence that constrain my time from spending it here. As usual, I use plenty of time just to create a post. Maybe I'm not that expert to write fast or have flowing bunch of ideas to pin down here. Anyway, I'm already here and I'm gonna write one today.

Like the topic, that is what I'm gonna express today. Lots of things happen during the period of time from my last post. It's really a lot that I unable to express one by one. I will conclude everything just in this post or maybe some other post later if I diligently wanna write....kikikikiki

Life really uneasy as we think and actually it's not complicated as we thought if we really follow 'the flow'. What makes things so difficult is ourselves who makes things even worst as we against the stream or path that have been decide or written for us by Allah. Everything in our life have been written by Him but it doesn't mean we cannot try to change our destiny. As long as we put our effort on it and tawakal (give the rest to Allah) after we have do everything possible we do.

Not just your life, my life also having difficulties and faces challenges that I think really feels heavy to carry on my shoulder yet that my life test and I still have to endure it. Every human on the earth will face their life examination, the difference just about what kind of tests and the level of difficulties. It can come from many aspect either studies, jobs, money matters, family problems or even love. Still, it is things that we have to face.

I wish I could clarify it to my boyfriend who feel burden now with all kind of test that he face in his life. My heart feel sad and pity on him as I know he really have big responsible to be carry on his life yet he prefer to keep silence than sharing it with me. How I really hope I can be the one that he can share his burden with cause I realize life is to hard to be carry alone by ourself. I wish he would read my blog and realize that I'm always here for him and ready to faces the life test with him either it goods or bads.

Human are created to worship their God that is Allah. That is the basic reason of human creation. In addition, human on earth have to carry their responsibilities as the ruler of the earth. The smallest responsible of human is the responsible of their on life. That why we have to manage ourself carefully cause what are we doing on earth right now will be our supply to the afterlife.

Being patience is the most important character or attitude that we need to have to face our challenge in life. Because life will never get easy and it never be free from trials and tribulations. That why a wise man have said, "Do not request for a happy ever after life, because life will never get easy. But pray for perseverance, as perseverance will help you through your life difficulties."  

Even though we found that life is too hard or too difficult to face on, don't run away cause it will worsen them. There will always be a way to solve it. Never stop pray for changes. If we find it so blur like there's no way out, seek for help from other. The best method is we seek help from Allah because the test is come from Him. From the Creator we receive these bunch of test and from Him also we should seek for solution. Only He knows what the best for us so never stop praying even though how tired we feels.

So to my dear love, that is what life is about. I know that it actually wasn't simple as I talk about it, but I always here for you. I just want you to know that your not alone. Please don't feel blank about it cause there will always be a way for us to get through all these challenges in our relationship and our life. Share the burden with me cause that is what lovers for. We can complete each other with our imperfection and sail in the ship of our life. I love you always...Y


  1. Ahhh.. I simply wish that he knows that I'm always for him too. And I'm always here to help and to listen to all. But too bad, he thinks that by ending the relationship is the best solution.

    But it could be the best tho, hahaa. Struggling to get on with life at the moment, while he is all okay at the other side. I think. #sigh

    1. But I still think if ending everything is not right..that surely show he just cowardly running away from problems.....problems occur for us to face not running away...hurmmm no worries...I pray that one day you meet the right man....(^_^)