Saturday, July 27, 2013

Think positively no matter how hard life is

Morning everyone...(^_^)

Does it hard to think positively in your life? What about you guys out there? To me its depend on the situations and the persons too. If they are my friends, its easy mizzy but if they are my enemy, I would think twice about them..kikikikiki

Why do I choose this topic today? Because my eyes and heart has catch caution on a picture quote I found on my twitter home. It was posted by Quran Weekly.

It remind me about my self on how I judged people around me. My judgement are depends mostly on how my feelings upon them. Easy to say that its been control by my feelings more. Sometimes I feels its not right to make such evaluations yet its hard to control myself from doing it. You can say that I'm hardly thinking positive and easy to blend the negative ones.

I know its not good and its not the right attitude. That why I feel being struck by the quote up there. It's like I'm not doing any of it except the last one. Bad me,huh? Yeah I now that. So I was look back at my self, scanning all the bad deed that I've done. I'm speechless. But its not too late to repent right?

And to my love one too. I do think negatively about him lately. Why do I say lately? Because I trust him so much at first without any hesitation. Yet he spoiled my trust and everything I do believe. People might say give him a second chance. I do give him the second one yet he betray me again. That so far as I knew, not to mention behind me that I don't know.

Since then I always thought negative about him even I try to be positive one. Its hard you know when all your trust being crumble like a paper. The scar is there. Its not that I don't want to forgive him. I already did, it just the pain from it still left behind. After found this quote, I feel sorry for him. Who am I to judged people? I'm not a God, just a merely plain human life in slit of living things.

So I'll keep remind about this quote in me. He might be done wrong things, yet I still have to forgive and be patience in my life. I would pray the best for him and this relationship. Its all in Allah hands. I have to focus on positive things in my life. On what ever I see, hear, or do. Life might be hard, still it have to be go on as long as we breath.

I pray to all my readers to be more positive in their life. Have a better life and appreciate people around you even though they are far away.

Till then....


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  1. its been a while to visit u here..
    glad to hear u have a good life..
    I know u may hate me for what had happen in da past..
    But just like ur post.. If just u can forgive me for all things that gone wrong..
    What can I say now is Im sorry..
    I hope u can forgive me.
    It just not meant to be for me and him..

    Insyaallah I will be engage next year with some guy that Allah had create for me..

    Buat salah dgn Tuhan boleh kita minx ampun.. buat salah dengan manusia.. kite kene minx maaf dgn manusia itu sendiri..

    Im sorry Kina. we just too young that time. do follow me on twitter ok.