Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Talk the truth even though it hurts

Afternoon u'olzz...

It's been a sunny day today yet my heart still hurts from my beloved action. What do you feel when your love's one lie to you? Would you feel happy? Maybe you are crazy if you happy to be lie like that. I'm just like an action volcanoes ready to burst it lava on the ground hit anything that blocking its way. I'm really mad you know. Cause I HATE people that lie to me even with a tiny little things.

Don't you feel like a fool lying to yourself? Just talk the truth even its hurts. Cause at least your are being honest not just to that person but also to yourself.  Nothing to be worry on going anywhere as your already being honest. If you are lying, you are just like anoles or chameleons hiding themselves from enemy by changing their colors.

I don't know when will my heart heal itself. Maybe takes times...more time I guess. Cause it doesn't happen once but twice or even maybe more than I know. My trust almost gone. Its like a paper once its been scrap it can be flatten but the trace of crumpled still there even you iron the paper. Right?

Sorry that lately I always talk about hurts feelings and how my bf lied to me. Well, the hurts still there and I wish to erase it off but still it there. I'm sorry everyone for babbling like this, next time I'll share some more good stuff.

In here I talk bad about him, yet still I love him so much. I know the truth of his lies but I just keep it in my heart. Its really pain!! I must be crazy am I? No wonder wise man always say 'Love are blinds'. I just don't wanna quarrel even more. Its tiring, exhausting, hurting, and many mores. I feel like I wanna hit my head on to the walls. Thanks God I'm still can think what good and bad to do.

Maybe you there who read this post can give me some wise advice. Two heads are better than one. Right?  As for now, I can't do anything as we are long distance lovers. How could we possibly meets at a time like this? Unless, there's a Doremon Magical Door in my room...hahahaha

In a nutshell, I just try to be as patience as I can (even some time I wrestling with my teddy bears) to face the untold truth. The world is round. Maybe today he done this things to me. Sooner or later, he will face the same problems that he did and maybe it hurts him even more (of course this is not what I hope to be). But that is the law of life. Right?

Til then~

# I would be grateful if you o'lz drop down some useful advice to me..(^_^)

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