Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Problems are Tests from Allah

Assalamualaikum and salam Ramadhan..

How you all have been doing after seven days we were fasting?....There must some changes in our self if not many maybe a little tiny miny things right?...as for me, I have lost 1kg in a week...huhuhuu  when many girls want to lose their weight, I'm trying to increase it..hahaha B'coz I don't wanna be to skinny like now...Ohh, please come back my weight...(*_*!)

Well, that just a side story about my ramadhan stories..(^_^)  Today I'm going to share about problems or in other word 'test'. There's no human in da world that doesn't have problems in their life, right? Everyone of us have their own problems. What makes the differences between us is what kind of problems do each of us face. Different people have a different problem. Your problems might not the same as mine.

So, what do you think of your problems? To me, different problems gives different effect on me. And the worst problems is 'Love Problem'. Yeah, I admit that I face many problems in my relationship and many times I failed it. It end up with breaking the relationship. And I'm kind of a girl that will flush away those who have break up with me cause I don't wanna repeat or remember those hurt moments again.

Love problem is a big problem to me because it related with the heart or feelings. It is intangible where you can't touch with your bare hand or see with your eagle eyes. When my heart hurts, it can sway me out of control. Make me the most laziness girl in da house or become like a bedridden patient in the hospital. Sound drastic right?

Just like now, I've been in misunderstanding, quarrel, and unreliable towards my boyfriend. I don't know what kind of mistakes somewhere between us. I cried for few days since I don't contact him while thinking of what's the wrong. When I try to be friendly, there will be a misunderstanding at the end of it. Urghhhh!! Maybe I almost lost my trust on him.

Anyway, by today I'm listening to some tazkirah from Ustaz Pahrol Mohd Juoi. He talk about 'Allah is bigger than your problems'. Because of his words manage to struck my heart, heavy tears suddenly flows down without control. At that time, I feel how small I'm compare to Allah powers. Some of his words that I remember, 'the problems that we face actually test send by Allah on us to make us remember Him the Almighty.' So, now my heart have open bit by bit. I try to accept that my love problems actually are test given by Allah to me so that I remember Him more.

That Ustaz also said, "Allah will test the people that He loves. And by giving test, He teach to become more strong by facing hurts and difficulties. And by giving Hikmah after the test, He show us His loves". This makes me realize how I have act during my life time. And makes me think that maybe now I feel my boyfriend didn't love me, yet Allah still there for me with His loves.

After I finish listening to the tazkirah, I become a bit more energize than before. I finish folding clothes of my family members which have been delayed almost three days...hahaha My younger sister wonder what's happen to me suddenly become diligent??  Well, that's me. I become very influence by what I see, what I listen and what I feels.

Usually it wont last long...hahaha But I pray that this diligent of my will keeps its momentum in a long time...if not I guess I have to listen to the tazkirah again...(^_^)

Till then, have a bless ramadhan everyone!!

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