Saturday, July 20, 2013

learn to forgive

Morning everyone..

Forgive or forget? Which one is the better? It depend on the person him or her self to choose which one is better. It might have a different affect and effect, but still its to end up some problems we have. And who are me not to forgive his wrong? I'm just an ordinary girl in this world who loves and want to be loved.

Despite of all his wrong towards me, after several days of thinking...I choose to forgive him. I might feel hurt right now when doing it coz I'm thinking I'm being foolish for taking that decision. But its okay, it might be hurt right now, yet it wouldn't last forever. And its okay to hurt now then after. Because I have forgive and then I wanna forget it.

To him, I'll always keep this love inside my heart even though I won't express it after this. I just don't wanna get hurt anymore. I always been hurt by love. Why is that? Love suppose to be beautiful yet why it won't last long? Well, I don't know either. Maybe something got wrong some where. I just don't realize it.

I would like to thanks to my friends who advice me and give me support. They might get angry with me when I'm crying, laugh at me when I sound stupid, and make jokes so I forget the problems for a while. I might not contact them frequently, but they always there for me when I need. Although some of their words even hurt than what I feel right now.  

So that's the end of my story....maybe for now...Don't know what coming next. I just have to prepare myself, maybe I'll get hurt once again but it doesn't I'm going to die. Life have to be continue whether you like it or not. Its our duty being a human. And each of us have their responsibility to be carried out from Allah.

Till then...



  1. everything happens for a reason, be strong k :)
    but that's my problem actually, sometimes i can forgive people, but i cant forget what they did to me. i mean, its not a true forgiveness, right. gotta work with that..

    1. Thanks for your support aemy..(^_^) by the way i really enjoy reading your blog with those spectacular words....i wish i could be like you...(^_^)