Tuesday, June 11, 2013

first try maybe not so good


Hello there my dear readers...(^_^)

Its been awhile right since the last time I post something on my blog. Well its not that i have no time or no ideas. But my fingers are to lazy to type anything on the blog plus internet connection doesn't seem so clear. Lots of loading that takes almost hour. So the thing that I wish to share is that today is my first day sending my product to middleman to sell it.

I'm making sausage rolls. The selling is very not good where not almost a quarter of it manage to sell. I still cant find the problem either people in that area doesn't like it or the middleman really don't know how to sell it. I wish my bun can talk for itself telling people to buy them. Therefore it can help me a lot in marketing. Its really beyond my imagination...hahaha

This not so good for a first day really make me down. Thanks for my family to always support me. I still want to tell someone special about this downziness that I feel but i'm scare he might don't want to listen my babbling. He's to busy of his own even to chat with me he have no time. Frequently doesn't reply my messages and never called me.Well what do you expect? Of course I unable to tell him this problem of my.

Thanks god that I have this blog. At least I can express my feeling even nobody reading it. Who cares?