Monday, January 21, 2013

I hate liars!

Morning everyone..(^_^)

How was your days in 2013? Hope everything is fine and flows like always. Like the title, does anyone here feel the same as I do? I think of course you are. Nobody in this world like to be cheated. Am I right? Well,if anyone out there think i'm wrong, feel free to drop your comment for this post.
Trust is like a paper. After you scrap it, even if you iron the paper back to its normal condition, you will still see there are some marks on the paper itself. Now, do you understand how can a paper resembled our trust?

What I' m trying to say is once the trust that we put in a person being betrayed by them, it will leave marks in our heart. Of course they will try asking for forgiveness to us for what they have done. So in future, even though we try to believe in them once again, it will never be the same as before we know that we've been cheated. Like it or not we still have the curiosity even a little bit in our heart.
Well of course it already happen to me,if not why should I write this post....;p But the thing is the instinct of mine will pop up everytime I feel something's not right. I can't blame my instincts cause it is a natural holistic thing. Yet i've been accused for thinking negatively while my instincts tell me there is something wrong going on.
These really drive me crazy. Does anyone out there having the same problem as me? I really glad if you could share something with me. That's all for today. Wait for the next post. Bubye~  (^_^)

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