Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My inspiration distance us

Afternoon u ol'z...(v_v)

Its a gloomy day for me today even though tomorrow is an important date to me. Tomorrow is a day that means a year have past since the declaration of heart. Things doesn't seems to move smoothly in our relationship. Its not like what I imaginated before, plus comes with more obstacles than what I ever thinking. Have you all experiences or face like what I did in your own life? I guess its not just me though I feel like i'm the only one feel miserable.

Back to da topic. Inspiration are universal and different for everyone. It can be anything either nature, human or strong will. That source of inspiration usually able to aspired someone to continued living, becomes stronger or even make someone to achieve their goals. To you who read this post, what is your source of inspiration? Have you ever thought what it is? Well, I have one and he is someone that I really love. I don't know if he realized it or not but I have give too many hint for him to realize it.

As long as he stay by my side, what ever obstacles that come to me, I will endure it and able to overcome the situation. To me he is so important and I don't wanna lose him. Now things seems to be not good. Because of too much work plus too much hurdle in this relationship, he prefer to distance himself from me. Even if I beg not to do so he just wont listen cause he think the path he choose is the correct one. I who feels miserable about it is force to understand the circumstances of this situation. Ouhhhh!! This really give me such headache.

So when he do that, what is left for my source of inspiration??? It none!! I really feel miserable now. Its like I don't know what to do or what to think even what to achieve in my life. Am I sound pathetic now? Ohh, you can think what ever you want about me as i'm unable to think of anything. I feel like my life has comes to its end. Where the path I usually go before? World seems so dark to move on. My inspiration in gone to a distance that i'm unable to reach anymore. What can I do to stop thinking about him? The more I try to forget, the more it became clear in my mind and the more it feels hurt in my heart.

Have you ever lost your inspiration? What did you do to overcome it? I feel so small now. I should end it here than. See you all next time. Good bye.

Monday, January 21, 2013

I hate liars!

Morning everyone..(^_^)

How was your days in 2013? Hope everything is fine and flows like always. Like the title, does anyone here feel the same as I do? I think of course you are. Nobody in this world like to be cheated. Am I right? Well,if anyone out there think i'm wrong, feel free to drop your comment for this post.
Trust is like a paper. After you scrap it, even if you iron the paper back to its normal condition, you will still see there are some marks on the paper itself. Now, do you understand how can a paper resembled our trust?

What I' m trying to say is once the trust that we put in a person being betrayed by them, it will leave marks in our heart. Of course they will try asking for forgiveness to us for what they have done. So in future, even though we try to believe in them once again, it will never be the same as before we know that we've been cheated. Like it or not we still have the curiosity even a little bit in our heart.
Well of course it already happen to me,if not why should I write this post....;p But the thing is the instinct of mine will pop up everytime I feel something's not right. I can't blame my instincts cause it is a natural holistic thing. Yet i've been accused for thinking negatively while my instincts tell me there is something wrong going on.
These really drive me crazy. Does anyone out there having the same problem as me? I really glad if you could share something with me. That's all for today. Wait for the next post. Bubye~  (^_^)