Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rahsia Perindu


Good morning everyone....(^_^)

This morning I have finish a novel that I randomly pick yesterday morning on the on the shelf in study room. Its my little sister novel, and she warn me to take care of it seriously. Ohh, such warning really feel annoying in my head. Well, I have to take care of it very well as requested....huhuhu

So, in just one night + a short morning I have finish reading the novel. It's really feel creepy to read the thriller novel at night when you the only who still not sleeping....(*_*!)  This novel was very interesting that makes you wanna continually read it to know what actually happen next. It keeps me reading until I lost the track of time. It's as expected from the No.1 thriller novelist in Malaysia. My favorited novelist, RAMLEE AWANG MURSYID.

Here is a glimpse of the novel that have captured my mind.

What do you think?....Believe me! The actual story is not like what it stated in the summary at the back of the book. At first I believe it as the summary says. After I have read the whole story, it clear that the writer have done well in twisted the readers mind. Congrate to you Mr.Novalist! (^_^)

This story have spark my mind to rethink about all the action that I have done in my life time. It's  beautifully show us how LOVE is so powerful as it can makes human do what ever they feel right to do as long as they have their love.

Nevertheless, human can be blind by love among humans. As a Muslim  the most wanted love and pure love is the love to and from ALLAH the Mighty. As long as the 'iman' is in our heart, we have to love ALLAH wholeheartedly. Believe it! When we love ALLAH, all the love that bring to Him will come to us. Because ALLAH knows everything that we never ever think about it.

To all Muslim readers, lets us together to always remember ALLAH in our life. Always place Him in our heart so that we will have peace in our live.

And to you who have view this post, I recommended you to read this novel. Try to experience the unexpected. Lets support our local product. Malaysia Boleh!!

That all for now. Till then...see ya~   (^_^)

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