Friday, December 14, 2012

My Desire Boots


Good morning everyone.!! How are you today?. Hope everyone in a good health and happy always. This morning I was searching for my little sister present since today is her birthday. I have promise her to buy a korean style sweater for her. So I Google up for the pretty, nice and affordable for me to buy. But....I end up with searching for a nice women boots...hahaha (^_^)

Who's out there have taken by the korean fever? Well, it's also including me...hohoho But I'm not that 'fanatic' person yet I still like their style, especially winter style since its have larger shirts and not too tight. Today I'm wanna share the picture of boot that I really like. How I really wish to have them!!...hohoho

I like this one which suitable for outdoors  It's funky and stylish. That why I like its so much. Aiming this and set the target. Yeah2!!

This wintry look is so eye capturing. It's really simple and look so comfortable. I wish I have one pair of this so that I can used it frequently....love2!!

This one look more matured. The brownish color is so warm and lovely. Imagine that it furnish my feet with this boots. I wanntttttt!!!

This one is so cute. It make me look lady like without forgetting my cute element....hahaha Come on cutie boots, come to me....(^_^)

So, what do you guys think about these boots? Dont you feel like you want at least a pair of it? Hurmmm, when can I get those?.....I wish it's doesn't take long. I dont have enough money to buy one. Is anyone out there want to buy for me? It would be my pleasure....(^_^)

Ohh! Almost forgot. To anyone out there who are interested with these boots or any korean style fashion, you can find it in here In Fashion Wholesale . They sell it in wholesale price you know, but of course in $ . So, have a happy searching everyone. See ya later~ (^_^)


  1. kat TS ada boots mcm tu. harga pun berpatutan.=)

  2. Yeke?....tapi xtahu lagi bila ade pergi KL?...lambat lagi laaa agak nye...anyway, thanks a lot for reviewing this post. Have a pleasent day...(^_^)