Monday, December 31, 2012

Ending the year of 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone !!   (^_^)

Today is the last day for 2012 and I'm so touch to write a post on this day. Never I expect the last day of this year has come already. Guess...time is really moving so fast without me noticing it. There were so much things and events happen in this year, I couldn't express how I feel today flashing back the memories along this year. Too much to be story about. Lots of surprise, emotions, experiences and so on I faced during this whole year.

Even human can't stop the time and it always running and continue to run. If we not run with the beat, the we shall left behind. I wont tell any story tonight because it will takes hours for me to time it all. Lets just keep it as our past memories okey.

To everyone who visit and view my blog along this year, I wanna thanks to you all because it was very kind of you to come here in this simple dimple blog....hehehehe I wish everybody happy end of the year 2012!! also happy new year 2013!!

What ever you aim for this new year, make sure you try so hard and smart to achieve it. Be sure to achieve the target before the year ended....hihihi  so, lets say good bye then everyone....see you next year (even it is tomorrow...;p )

Happy New Year..(^_^)

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