Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm not a good storyteller

Good day everyone!   (^_^)

Its been a while since my last post yet can't remember when it is. How are you all have been right now?  Hope everything is always in  a fine way. As usual, when i'm posting something, that means there something in my mind playing around the head. Yeah, wish to get rid of it but i guess wanna share here as it can help me   release my heavy thought.


Why we always have dreams? They say dreams are playground during our sleep. I always have dreams every night and I like to share it with my boyfriend but the point is....I'm not a good STORYTELLER!!
That why every time I try to share the story of my dreams,  he juz smile and silent. I don't know if he gets what i\I'm trying to tell in my story.

Like today, I think my dream is very interesting and I try to share it with him. But he is too busy to messaging I don't know who rather than listen to my story. When I as again, he questioning me again, "what story is it?" OMG....sabor  je laa.....HUHUHUHU

I wish I could be like shaherazard....a princess who can tell story up until the morning. She is a good story teller. Well, she also learn from a wise old storyteller from the bazaar. How I really wish I could be like them, then maybe my beloved boyfriend will listening to my story intensely.  Well until then, see you all in another post ok. Daaa~~

KINA   (^_^)

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