Wednesday, February 23, 2011

limitation level

there's a time
when I feel tired and blank
feel like wanna get away
with all the works I have
but seem to be I cant

if I been given a pause time
I wanna have a long rest
eating delicious food
spending my time with my beloved oppa
having bunch of sweet memory

now my works accumulated
like a hill in Asia
don't know which to complete first
its like everything should be there
in the same time
making me stress more

hmmm...but that okey
coz I'm always wanna try
to manage my self properly
stress is a common thing in our life
I cant say I hate it or don't want it
what I could do is
face it n deal with it
everything should be okey
if I tackle my stress
one by one

expressing my feeling in this blog
help me relief everything
and I'm ready to enter the class
thanks for patiently
hear me
love u soo much....

1 comment:

  1. tarik napas dalam2.. dan buat kerja satu2.. gud lark.. xde cara nak lari dari asg sbenarnya.. :D