Monday, September 20, 2010

AMETYST-my birth gem stone...(^_^)

Amethyst is famous for its purple color. Not all amethyst is purple in color, there are also light purple, reddish-purple, bluish-purple, dark purple and there is even almost black in color. Top quality ametyst is a deep medium color of purple with rose-colored flashes. In its purest form, amethyst is colorless. The color agent of amethyst is iron. A fine amethyst is transparent, which allows light passes through the gem unhindered, while a translucent amethyst slightly weakens the passage of the light thrrough the stone. Amethyst of best quality is "clean" or free of visible inclusions of any kind. In order for the color of the gem to shine through and eliminates any darker or unneven patches of color, most amethyst pieces are cut into circular or round shapes. Amethyst crystals consist of two types. The first is a six sided piece (looks similar to a pyramid) and the other type is a crusty type with pointed ends.

It is believed amethyst have special properties:

  • Control your temper and emotions.
  • Protect you from drunkers, it is believed that wearing amethyst while drinking wine would prevent the wearer from becoming drunk or being intoxicated.
  • To give good moral character.
  • To bring love and affection.
  • Brings peace and calm to your life.
  • Enhance your spirit and energy to solve any difficulties and problems.
  • It can save from deceit and protect people from baldness. It is believed also to improve the condition of skin of a person too.

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