Saturday, April 10, 2010

TRUTH-dedicated to the person i love

Let me stay with you
Why is it that we want it so much
Even though we hurt one another?
Don't you know my heart?
I couldn't even be myself
I just want a single love...

I want to believe in the miracles that we've encountered
And play a melody for you
Even if I were to lose everything
These memories would be forever
It's my truth

Believe in yourself
In the times when you fall, just kept on walking, wiping away the tears
Open up your heart
Up ahead in your memories, certainly there is a hope called tomorrow

Give me your loneliness
And I'll give you my tenderness
Don't forget about the dreams you had on that day
Even if we're apart, I'll always feel
Only you, in my heart
It's my truth

The scattered stars whisper
As they shine down on my lost heart
Meetings and partings, people search for them
One day, we'll be able to tie a strong bond between one another

It's alright to accept all of the sadness
From all around the world, if it's for you
And even if I'm left behind by all of the rest of the world
I'll still believe in your eyes
It's my truth

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