Friday, April 30, 2010

Packing Up My Things

Next week balik...wuhuu!!!

seronok nye dpt blk...

da 1 sem xbalik ni...'m going home...

plezz wait 4 me patiently...hehehehe

skrg tgh nk packing u brg2

byk sgt brg...

nsb baik da post separuh...

anyway,let packing up these things u guys..;-)

i miss him

......i miss him.......
why he do diz to me?
i wish that i could forget about him
but how can i do that?
until today..
i still remember about him..
thinking about him
even though
i should stop it right now
cozhis heart not for me
even though
he has confess to me
that just a word
coming from his mouth
not sincerely from his heart
what should i do?
all i know is crying
that's the only way
make me feel relief
...i really miss him.....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

doa di hati kecil ku

Ya Allah....
Jika ini takdir Nya....
Aku akan redha
dengan takdir yang Engkau tetapkan.....

Ya Allah...
Jika ini yang terbaik bagi ku
Aku terima seada nya
Kehendak Mu.....

Sesungguh nya..
Aku hanya insan yang lemah..
Hamba yang mudah leka
dengan dunia sementara ini..

Ku bersyukur Ya Allah..
Kerana Engkau telah menyedarkan ku..
Dari kealpaan ku..
Dari kelekaan ku..
Mengejar cinta manusia....

Jika memang dia bukan jodoh ku..
Aku terima dengan hati yang redha...
Ku sandarkan seluruh jiwa dan cinta ku..
Hanya pada mu Ya Allah..

Jika engkau telah menetapkan jodoh ku...
Biarlah dia dari orang yang menjaga agamaMu
Yang mampu membimbingku
Serta keluargaku
Ke jalan yang engkau redhai

Jika engkau telah menetapkan jodoh ku..
Biarlah dia dari keturunan
yang Engkau berkati..
Jika Engkau telah menetapkan jodoh ku...
Biarlah dia dari orang yang bertanggungjawab..
Untuk menjaga ku serta keluarga ku..

Jika Engkau telah menetapkan jodoh ku..
Biarlah dia seorang yang bersih hati nya..
Serta mencintaiMu Ya Allah..

Hanya Engkau saja..
Yang mengetahui apa
yang terbaik buat ku...

Ku berserah pada Mu..
Ya Allah...
Dengan penyerahan..
Sepenuh pengharapan..
Ku bersujud hanya padaMu
Ya Allah....
Dengan serendah-rendahnya..
Hanya pada Mu
Tempat ku bergantung..
Ya Allah..
Yang Maha Penyayang...
Lagi Maha Pengasih...


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i shuOld STOP cry

Fergie - Big Girls Don’t Cry

Da Da Da Da
The smell of your skin lingers on me now
You’re probably on your flight back to your home town
I need some shelter of my own protection baby
To be with myself and center of clarity
Peace, serenity

I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to do with you
It’s personal: myself and I
We’ve got some straightenin’ out to do
And I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But I’ve got to get a move on with my life
Its time to be a big girl now
And big girls don’t cry
Don’t cry
Don’t cry
Don’t cry

The path that I’m walking
I must go alone
I must take the baby steps until I’m full grown (full grown)
Fairytales don’t always have a happy ending, do they?
And I foresee the dark ahead if I stay

I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to with you
It’s personal: myself and I
We’ve got some straightenin’ out to do
And I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But I’ve got to get a move on with my life
Its time to be a big girl now
And big girls don’t cry

Like the little school mate in the school yard
We’ll play jacks and Uno cards
I’ll be your best friend and you’ll be mine Valentine
Yes, you can hold my hand if you want to
‘Cause I want to hold yours too
We’ll be playmates and lovers and share our secret worlds
But its time for me to go home
Its getting late, dark outside
I need to be with myself and center of clarity
Peace, serenity

I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to do with you
It’s personal: myself and I
We’ve got some straightenin’ out to do
And I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But I’ve got to get a move on with my life
Its time to be a big girl now
And big girls don’t cry
Don’t cry
Don’t cry
Don’t cry

La Da Da Da Da Da

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Da NeW oF Me

Time goes by and everything around me change slowly......some of it i realize and of it not,n juz realize about it.....i'm almost recovered from my pains in my heart......most of my friends support me and giving me lots of advice....cheering me up and always want to make me happy.....they make me and let me forget about my sadness and loneliness......a lot of thanks you guys....i dont know what should i do to repay what ever all of u have done to help me recover....u all r soo precious for me....wether u all involve directly or not.....all of u r my friends....;-)

A friend of mine asking my opinion about a problem....then i give the advice...then suddenly i realize something......about the advice i give.....its the thing that i should do actually...but i'm not doing juz proceed with my life n not turning back to what have past....the past is past....i cannot return to the past...n i cannot bring the past for my future....thanks a lot to my new friend....who have make me open my eye about myself...why i can give such advice while i'm not doing it?.....huhuhu ;-p

Now i want to proceed and juz go on with my life......i wanna stop looking at them....they look soo happy now...that's good for them....i'll juz let everything go....its no use if i'm hoping something from him,while my heart hurt seing them together....letting them go is da best....well,loving someone doesn't mean you have to own them....its enough to see them happy......someday in the future,i'll meet someone that is much better for me.....hope soo....;-)

My twin...ahhh....i miss u a lot...dont forget ur promise k...n i promise to stdy hard
n smart here....remember ahh....i will always be ur twin...;-)

My life now will fill with smile n joy....i wanna enjoy my life in my own way...the way that i want....i'm free to do what ever i want....not stick to anybody.....n i wanna learn to appreciate everybody around me.....wether they r bad or good....well, i should not judge people with what do they look like.....not all bad people r worst.....n not all good people r that best...coz like in my experience,i though he is good enough 4 me,in the end he leaving n juz go away....well,that why dont easyly judge people by their appearance......

I'm happy now with my friends......I also got friends where i could share my problem and exchange advices....well,get ready to face new experience....coz i know,this is not the only challenge that i have to face...its juz,i'm preparing myself with more great challenge in da future....i'm setting my goals to be achieve and success in my life....Yes!!...Go..Go..Go...Chaiyok!!x3....GAMBATENE!!! ;-)

Goodbye to you my sweet memory...hope to forget about you forever....i'm happy to see u got your love and happiness with her now....wish u all da best in your life....daa~~~ ;-p

My new me...single is simple.....go proceed with da life...enjoying my every single day with da happiness around me....Yooo!....rOck my Own wOrld!!!...;-)

loneliness in Da heart

sometimes i feel there's loneliness in my heart....why???'t an effect of my heart that hurt before?.....i have many friends,but still there's a small tiny part in me that fill with loneliness...huhuhu i think its better to be at home...the place where i belong to...maybe there i'll get the rest in peace...n also happiness with my family...n my frens....i always wanna be happy with that way i can forget about the loneliness in my heart....hmmmm....

to be honest, i feel like i want someone to be with me.....n be my special one...but when i rethink again....maybe the time has not come yet.....someday maybe there will be someone for me.....i dont wanna run for the love....coz i'll wait for the love to come....n clear up my loneliness....huhuhuhu well,now its okey for me....i'm feel free to do what ever i want....what ever i wish.....i wanna be happy n make everybody around me happy.....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my view about exam

Finale...finale.....kind of exhausted making revision.....huhuhu does this final giving anything to us?.....its juz a paper...paper that not be use after me it does give me many a student, I should think positive....come on...we are university student, so make our mind generate our thinking universal...hahaha

I hope that some day I wont regret of myself for entering this university....facing final every end of the semester.....sometimes I think why should we need a final???.....hmmm....there many of it is to test how far do I know what I have learn for the rest of the semester...there's a time i realize like i never know about that kind of things..hahahha well what is't really i'm doing 4 the rest of the semester????....secrets...hehehehehe

I realize that all this teach me how to control to discipline i discipline enough about myself???...wakakaka u know what, its hard to make ourself i know....coz i feels hard to make my self discipline..hehehhehehe come on laa.....if u r saying why we need to be discipline, ask ur ownself....if in study could not be discipline, how would u say about discipline in solat????....if study 4 exam is between us n the university,...then solat?...that's between us n Allah.....Allah also train us to be discipline....well doesn't that has show us how important discipline is??...

Facing exam in final its like pre starter in facing exam in our life.......hmmm...i kind of nervous facing the that what it will be like when i'm facing the exam in myself??......hope not...huhuhuhu but when i'm facing the exam in mylife recently, i cry a lot....h0h0h0h0 its show that how i'm really not ready anything when facing the childish i'm...huhuhu

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Menyesal - OST Tasbih Cinta

Semula Ku Tak Yakin
Kau Lakukan Ini Padaku
Meski Di hati Merasa
Kau Berubah Saat Kau Mengenal Dia

Bila Cinta Tak Lagi Untukku
Bila Hati Tak Lagi Padaku
Mengapa Harus Dia Yang Merebut Dirimu

Bila Aku Tak Baik Untukmu
Dan Bila Dia Bahagia Dirimu
Aku Kan Pergi Meski Hati Tak Akan Rela

Terkadang Ku Menyesal
Mengapa Ku Kenalkan Dia Padamu

Terkadang Ku Menyesal
Mengapa Ku Kenalkan Dia Padamu

Do I need it?

Since it is a universal question, anything are possible to's topic most specifically about we need love?...hmmm...i dont between family n frens maybe...but for someone special, dont think so...hahahaha why should i love someone that not appreciate me?....dont you think its useless?.....sometime i feel like wasting everything i memory...coz my memory full with that person....remembering it make me wanna burst my cry.....huhuhu

Right now, I'm phobia to fall in love....coz I always get my heart hurt so much...every person that I love, will hurting me at the't hard to appreciate a girl like me?.....thinking about that...what am I lack of?.....what did I do wrong? I not nice enough to them? many question about me.....well, i'm a normal human...not all what he want I could fulfill....maybe some people think why should I express all this....well I feel relief I could express it...

About forgetting him....I'm still in progress....the truth is I still love him so much until now....even until this day, that feeling of love still in my heart.....why it is soo hard to get away this feeling from my heart?.....why juz i cant blow away this love?....we juz meet n know each other in a short could he go soo deep inside my heart?.......that soo strange.....n I feel so depress about it....I know, not all the thing we want we could get it...if I could not get it, then why juz dont this feeling go away?

I hate it.....hate of myself that could not forget about him.....could not stop loving him......arrgghhh....i feel soo miserable...twin, tell me how could I stop diz feelings?.......i try to make myself buzy u know....fuhh my life is soo unpredictable....I hope in the future I will never found a guy like that anymore....make me fall in love with him, then leave me alone like that....soo cruel....that why I telling myself that I dont need love right now....

Now I hate love for guy only....hmmmm.....happiness????.....I'm hepy now without love of a guy....that is better....I love Allah the most.....coz I will never get frustrated by Allah.....coz Allah always there for me.....hearing my cry....listening to my heart.....healing the pain inside me....Alhamdulillah......

Wasiat Imam Hasan Al Banan


Janganlah engkau berputus asa
Kerana putus asa bukan akhlak seorang muslim.....

Ketahuilah bahawa kenyataan hari ini
adalah impian semalam.....

Dan impian hari ini
adalah kenyataan hari esok......

Waktu masih panjang
dan hasrat akan terwujudnya kedamaian
Masih tertanam dalam jiwa masyarakat kita....

Meskipun fenomena-fenomena kerosakan
dan maksiat menghantui mereka...

Yang lemah tidak akan lemah sepanjang hidupnya
Dan yang kuat tidak akan selamanya kuat.....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

sakit tangan

ni pijan punye psl laaa....ajak aku main bola tampar....da laa aku xreti main....xpsl2 da lebam2 tgn....huhuhu tp ape yg bez ptg tu ade senam seni...hahaha even xramai org pun xkisah arr...yg pntg i'm enjoying myself...hahaha i need to do that to forget the pain in my heart....pntg tu menghiburkn diri sendiri....xkisah laa org nk kate ape....yg pntg kte kene hepy kn diri kite dlu br laa kte bleh nk hepy kn org....

Thanks kat sume kengkawan yg menolong ubati diri my twin...thanks coz always be there when ever i need sweeet hana, kina sronok sgt ngn kamu...sory coz crying a lot in front of a baby..hahahha to pijan bulat.....trime ksh sbb slalu ajak aku....len kali ajak la slalu...kahkahkah to akhmar...kina slalu syg akhmar....trime ksh sbb concern about me....akhmar pun kne jge diri baik2 tau... ;-)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sesuatu tentang Cinta

Kalau sudah cinta, kita jadi “buta” terhadap penderitaan, kesusahan dan segala keperitan demi menyukakan hati orang yang kita cintai. Oleh itu bertuah sekali jika orang atau apa yang kita cintai itu adalah orang yang baik atau sesuatu yang baik, maka kita akan menjadi hamba kepada orang yang baik dan kebaikan. Sebaliknya, jika yang kita cintai adalah kejahatan atau orang yang jahat… kita akan diperhambai sentiasa kepada kejahatan.

Teringat kembali detik mengetahui cinta kita telah diterima oleh si dia… Ah, gembiranya saat itu. Dunia ini seakan tersenyum. Bulan, mentari dan bintang seakan turut bersama kita meraikan detik yang sangat indah itu. Bukankah dicintai lebih utama daripada dipercayai? Hati kita berkata-kata. Cinta itu satu rasa yang bertunjangkan perasaan. Perasaan tanpa kekuatan jiwa dan kematangan berfikir akan goyah apabila berdepan dengan ujian. “Perasaan” adalah hamba yang baik tetapi tuan yang sangat buruk. Justeru, jika ingin selamat, pastikan perasaan “bekerja” untuk kita, bukan sebaliknya.

Cinta memang hebat, tetapi ia tidak dapat menandingi tanggung-jawab. Cinta yang hebat ialah cinta yang ditunjangi tangung jawab. Cinta itu untuk memberi bukan untuk menerima. Lafaz, “aku terima nikah,” oleh kita sebagai suami musim lalu bukan bererti kita menerima sebaliknya untuk memberi. Berapa banyak hubungan yang terputus atau tinggal nyawa-nyawa ikan kerana hilangnya kepercayaan.
“Aku cintakannya, tetapi aku curiga apakah dia setia dengan ku?”
“Tergodakah dia bila di belakangku?”
Itulah contoh dialog hati yang merasuk bila ada cinta tetapi kurang ada percaya. Ia akan menyebabkan hilang bahagia.

Tidak percayakan seseorang disebabkan dua faktor. Pertama, kita belum benar-benar mengenalinya. Kedua, kerana kita telah benar-benar mengenalinya. Kenal itu sangat berkait dengan rasa cinta. Kita akan terus mempercayainya walau apa pun keadaan. Kita mengingatkan bila dia terlupa dan membantunya sewaktu dia ingat. Jangan sekali-kali hilang kepercayaan. Selagi kita bertekad meneruskan perkahwinan hingga ke akhir hayat, pupuklah kepercayaan. Kepercayaan itu akan melahirkan tanggung jawab dan tanggung jawab adalah oksigen cinta. Oksigen itulah yang akan memberi stamina kepada cinta untuk terus kembara dari dunia hingga ke syurga.

Jika anda bertanya bagaimana memupuk kepercayaan? Jawabnya, kembalilah kepada kepercayaan-kepercayaan yang asas dan teras. Apa lagi jika bukan Rukun Iman? Binalah semua jenis percaya di atas enam kepercayaan itu. Jika suami dan isteri percayakan Allah, dan sama-sama berpegang kepada kehendak-Nya, maka mereka akan saling mempercayai antara satu sama lain. Percayalah kepercayaan kepada Allah itu adalah simpulan yang mengikat kepercayaan sesama manusia.

Sebab itulah kepercayaan juga disebut sebagai akidah – ertinya simpulan. Simpulan yang mempertautkan segala kebaikan. Ya, kepercayaan kita kepada Allah akan menyebabkan pasangan kita mempercayai kita. Bila hancur sebuah cinta bererti hancurlah satu kepercayaan. Bila hancur kepercayaan bererti hancurlah iman. Bukankah nabi Muhammad itu lebih dahulu mendapat gelar ”Al Amin” (dipercayai) sebelum menemui srikandi cintanya Siti Khadijah?

Cinta tidak boleh terpisah daripada tanggung jawab. Jika ada cinta tetapi tidak ada rasa tanggung jawab, lambat laun cinta akan meluntur dan rumah tangga akan terkubur. Sebaliknya, jika ada tanggung jawab tetapi tidak ada rasa cinta, maka hilanglah seri dan kemanisan sebuah rumah tangga… umpama hidup segan, mati tak mahu.

Ketika kemanisan bertukar pahit, ketika keseronokan beralih kepada kesukaran, maka tinggallah rasa tanggung jawab untuk menyempurnakan sebuah perkahwinan. Ketika itu rasa cinta mungkin sedikit terumbang-ambing atau seakan-akan mula meminggir, tetapi rasa tanggung jawablah yang akan mengikatnya kembali dengan setia dan sabar. Genggam bara api biar sampai jadi arang. Begitulah kekuatan satu tanggung jawab, yang mampu bertahan ketika cuaca rumah tangga tenang ataupun bergelombang.

Ya, bila musim cinta sudah berlalu, semailah “pohon” tanggung jawab. Insya-Allah, musim cinta akan kembali dan ketenangan dan kebahagiaan akan kembali harum dan mewangi! Akan tiba masanya, sesuatu yang kita lihat indah dahulu tidak indah lagi kini. Jika kita hanya bergantung kepada perasaan, cinta kita akan tercalar. Pada ketika itu cinta memerlukan tanggung jawab dan tanggung jawab menuntut satu kepercayaan. Ketika cinta mula goyah, tanggungjawab akan datang menyelamatkan “pertunjukan” dengan peranan yang lebih berkesan.

* dipetik dari slot tentang cinta karya PAHROL MOHD JUOI

Recovering from the Pain of Sadness

Its been a while now since the time it happen....the pain has slowly faded away from my heart...I feel relief about that.....try to forget everything is the best way right now for me.....I wish a could delete and forget every single things about us being together and about him......I think it should be better this way coz forgetting all of it means I could heal the pain inside me.....sometimes I feel the moment soo precious to me that i couldn't forget, but it hurting my heart when remembering it.....soo what for???

Now I'm focussing on my stdy, of coz its stdy week right now......hope that I could achieve better than last time.....can I do it????....even I dont know....what I know right now, I should do my best in all the things that i wanna do.....i've to know what my target are...I know that study is not the only things that I should do.....but at the time like this, nearing to da final, my priority is on my study....

Talking about the sadness, that really a worst feeling to me....only hana n dayah know how worst it has affecting.....really me laaa.....even before this i've facing one same case, but this time its really hurt than before......I dont know why does it affecting me that deep....I cry a lot for several days, which make both of them, hana n dayah really worry about me....sory girls for making both of you wory that much.....

I could accept the truth now....the pain have teach me to be matured in dealing with feelings....I'll never let him come back to me again....never ever will allow's that person have trowing me away, he will never get it nothing to be regret of....that is our choices.....for him to let me go....n for me not to accept him anymore now.......maybe that the faith between us.,....n I'll accept the faith with open heart...because I know Allah always know what the best for me....

Even the situation make me really sad, n feeling the worst of my life, I dont regret it.....coz I believe there something that Allah want to show and want me to learn from what have happen....everythings that happen to me is an exam for me to get through......I want to learn from my mistake....I want to learn from what I've done.....regretting what have become the past is useless if we dont learn the moral of the story.....well, experience is priceless.....sooo, I wanna look into myself again....

Sometimes, I wish to be born that will never meet the people who have hurting me before.....of coz that will never happen....hmmm...from now onwards, I've to be strong to proceed with my life.....even if we met on the way, Its okey coz I wont notice him...I'll not remembering anything about him.....the thing left is 0.....only zero...the things that he always i'm really wanna be 0 about him....not even a tiny memory left.....

I notice that, even he left me....there still some people out there to support me....the people who I dont aspect they will come n help.....but they come n strange I feel....n soo thankful to them coz help me to recover myself from the pain of sadness inside my heart......these are one of the things that Allah wanna show to me....even I feel like my world have end because been left by the person I love....there still people out there who will accompany my journey.....Allah will never leave me alone....that why I always love Allah a lot...from the bottom of my heart....

To my ownself, I wish all the best for me......hope I'll get better as days goes by.....and achieve the goals that I've targeted......there people who love me out there, waiting for me to come back....juz wait and watch my victory as a present from me to all of you.... ;-)


If you haven’t changed your mind
Then I want you by my side Tonight

I’m so tired of always having to bluff
Everytime I think about you baby, I feel so young
If I could just tell you I miss you
It’s so hard to say I’m sorry

You see, I want to sing this song, not for just anyone
but just for you
An ENDLESS STORY that keeps on shining
Always, I wanna show you, forever and ever

Memories of our time together
this way, they don’t go away

Once I knew that the warmth between us had disappeared,
gentle tears started to spread over my chest
This is not where it ends, I’m missing you
please don’t let go of my hand

You see, I wish I could sing this song, just for you
just one more time
An ENDLESS STORY of undying love
tell me why, please tell me, forever and ever

You see, I want to sing this song, not for just anyone
but just for you
An ENDLESS STORY that keeps on shining
Always, I wanna show you, forever and ever

# there a time when I want to dedicated this to someone, but now its, Ijuz post it coz my twin wanna read it....hehehe

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3rd days of study week

hahaha...aritok 13 april 2010,selasa.....
11.23 a.m
tk dh ari ketiga study week tok....kmk bok kak stdy IT td......biol wak palak mbaca nya...p xhal lak, gik msh leh go het gk...hehehe k lah, mok ngesep lok...hana tggu lak...mok g mamam....;-)
4.35 p.m
pnas wak cuaca mlysia tok....nsb kmk mndk....xdo la traso glak pnas ya....hmmm....mok mbyg lok...kak tok mok smbg stdy.....mok berdoa mntk2 hti terbuka utk trima ilmu yg dibelajar....hehehe
6.58 p.m
fuuhhh...bok kak abs stdy prototyping..lmk li jak...pdhal pndek jak topic ya...kahkahkah nektok smkin rjin nulis blog...atas permintaan my lovely twin....huhuhu xpala,twin mpun psal..hahaha coz mok tuntut jnji nya twin promise to come to my home if I stop crying n try to get the best in my exam...i'll take that challenge my twin...because of u,i'll do anythings....cewahhh

Sunday, April 11, 2010

it will end soon

Hard to believe, but that's the fact...I need to accept it....i thought my live was bright given a new star that will cheer up me n my live....but that not just for a while.....even its only in a short time, it was sooo sweeeettt to me....the memories together really hard for me to can i forget about that person??....that person mean to much me....i really want to care about that person....i love that person...i thought that person would understand my feelings....but no...that person has makes the decision....
The decision is for our own first its hard 4 me to accept the truth...but what else can i say??...if this is the faith, then i have to accept with open that person....its hard for me to throw that feelings away....i'll juz keep it inside me.....but i'll never show it....n u will never notice it....n u will never feel it.....maybe u will say i'm egoist...or hypocrite or what so ever.....i will accept it....i'm fine with it....hope u will found your own ways....juz believe in yourself, that if that person is made 4 u...u will be together some day.....

From now onwards, i'll juz proceed with my live....what ever happens, i'll juz continue with people who ever read my blog,i would juz like to say......
"In our life, their always things that unexpected and unpredictable....even u have thinks much about it....sometimes it will not happen as u plan....n sometimes things that u didn't plan too will come to i said, life is unpredictable...anythings could happen...when u have something that very precious to u, keep it well... keep it doesn't mean you have it can be some sort of unsolid memories or feelings....treasure it coz u will never know how it will change ur live....
Not most of the things that we want we can have it....even if we try as hard as we can, if its the faith, we still could not get it...we should think positive and act positive.....there maybe some reasons behind it that we cant see why we cant get it even we have try very hard to gain that thing....we maybe feel very sad, but even so, we have to thanks n bersyukur with what we have now...
Juz believe in yourself that u could do not give up....even now we feel very down losing something that very precious to us, juz believe...believe in Allah that we will be given something that much much more better then what we have lost....of coz losing it coz us such pain that cannot visualize by words...only we, ourself know about how that pain patience and calm coz that the key for us to control ourselves....
Experience will teach us many things in our dont afraid to face may fun, happy, sad, hard n what so ever....what ever the experience that we face, appreciate it....take a look on what experience that we faces....and learn the valuable things from it...experience make us think make us time goes by...we are growing in many sort of things...physically, mentally n,do the best in your life.....choose the path that u wanna go...dont feel regret about it....coz its the path that we choose as the best for us....may Allah bless u"

Thats all i would like to, dont afraid to face the challeges in our live....coz we will never know how it will change us...thanks for reading my blog....


Saturday, April 10, 2010

should i just give up?

It feels like i was drown i the deep blue sea.....what should i do?......the situation really hurt my feelings..coz its not the first't really hard to make a choice?.....i think it is.....if we not strong enough to believe in our choice, we will get a part....confuse with our own choices......i really hate it coz being drag in this situation....why cant juz you be loyal to me? what u wanna me to be loyal with?....why cant u juz stop it?????

TRUTH-dedicated to the person i love

Let me stay with you
Why is it that we want it so much
Even though we hurt one another?
Don't you know my heart?
I couldn't even be myself
I just want a single love...

I want to believe in the miracles that we've encountered
And play a melody for you
Even if I were to lose everything
These memories would be forever
It's my truth

Believe in yourself
In the times when you fall, just kept on walking, wiping away the tears
Open up your heart
Up ahead in your memories, certainly there is a hope called tomorrow

Give me your loneliness
And I'll give you my tenderness
Don't forget about the dreams you had on that day
Even if we're apart, I'll always feel
Only you, in my heart
It's my truth

The scattered stars whisper
As they shine down on my lost heart
Meetings and partings, people search for them
One day, we'll be able to tie a strong bond between one another

It's alright to accept all of the sadness
From all around the world, if it's for you
And even if I'm left behind by all of the rest of the world
I'll still believe in your eyes
It's my truth

Friday, April 9, 2010


.......xlme ag nk final exam....i've to struggle hard to maintain my score....can i do it?.....maybe hard....but i must do it first...then i'll know what will be the result... ;-)

how far do I understand about him?

Even I dont know how far do I knew him...not much of course...its still early to say that i know him a lot....sometimes I thinks i've know what he wants n donts...or what he likes n dont likes.....but there still clashing of ideas between us.....for the time being its okey....I really hope that he will learns what patience are....n apply in his daily life.....not juz simply jugde somethings desperately without thinking much....
He always said that he thinks many times before making a decisions.....but I dont thinks he do that...coz he instantly could make decisions for him self.....i love him not because of his appearance or what so ever....its because of him self.....he can fits me...i can say that he is great....people who actually know him will now what i'm saying.....he is responsible, even he with me he still feel responsible about the past...sometimes he is weird coz always can read my mind....huhuuu
Like I say, I still dont know much about him....I still got 2 years more in here...will I make it?....I continue later.....much more to say...;-)

is He the one?

Here are 10 relationship markers to help you know if he or she is The One:
1. When you're together you feel like you've come home.
2. You feel like your partnership was meant to be, as if kissed by destiny.
3. In your communication with each other there is a rapid "knowing" of what each of you means.
4. You have a shared mission in life, perhaps a cause, a career, or the creation of a family life.
5. When you're together the world seems like a better place.
6. Your mood is elevated when you're together. It's not necessarily passion or excitement, although that's there too at times.
7. When you look at him/her you see a part of yourself that's been missing. Perhaps it's her assertiveness or his joy of adventure. But it's something that when added to your life, makes you feel more complete.
8. Being together makes you more hopeful about the future you are creating.
9. You can be more authentic and fully yourself around your partner.
10. Being together makes each of you work harder on overcoming bad habits and becoming more loving people.